Curious Voyage

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Curious Voyage

Amirah Adara is dozing off on her couch when suddenly she falls asleep and appears in a strange room. It doesn’t seem as if she’s dreaming all of this, it seems way too real. She hears some footsteps clamoring right outside the door and crawls under the bed to hide. Bella Spark enters, along with her manager, who she gets into a fight with and chases him out of the room.
Amirah crawls out and explains to Bella how she got there, however they have to keep quiet because the manager is still in front of the door. To make things even weirder, there’s a bulge between Amirah’s legs, poking out. Instead of being repulsed by it, Bella kneels and starts sucking Amirah’s futa cock. She instructs Amirah to keep quiet as she’s trembling and moaning but thankfully the manager soon leaves, just as Amirah is busting a fat load of cum in Bella’s mouth.
Amirah’s curious voyage has just begun. She has got some sort of creeping desire inside her body, making her lust for Bella’s tight body and pussy. Her thirst overcame her consciousness and made her throw Bella on the bed. Amirah slides Bella’s panties sideways and guides her new futanari cock deep inside her tight slit.

Starring: Amirah Adara, Bella Spark
Duration: 21:14 Resolution: 1920x1080 Format: mp4 Size: 561.01 MB

09 May 2024
Categories: SheMale Clips
Tags: Anal, Gorgeous, Dress

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