Detention Ascension

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Detention Ascension

Nicole Doshi and Blake Blossom are in detention, apparently all over a guy, as it goes with schoolgirls. However, it seems that Blake has struck a nerve by calling Nicole a “Lesbo”, to which she snaps and curses Blake to grow a big dick.
Mere moments later, Blake’s body begins to rumble, and indeed a massive cock starts growing in her pants. It’s so big that her jeans can’t contain it, they rip in the middle, releasing her futa cock out in the open. Not only has Blake gained a new appendage, but she also gained new confidence, a hunger, as if that cock is guiding her whole body and mind.
This is what Nicole wanted, after all, to get fucked by Blake. She slowly approaches her friend and commands her to get down on her knees and stroke that futa cock. And as if dark magic is guiding her hands, Nicole wraps them around Blake’s cock and starts jerking her off.
Blake then demands that she sucks her off, and once again, Nicole’s actions are not her own, her head gets closer to the futanari cock, and her lips wrap around it. However, Blake has much more in mind, she wants to bend Nicole over the table and fuck her tight pussy, and she’s going to do exactly that, and much more.

Starring: Blake Blossom, Nicole Doshi
Duration: 21:14 Resolution: 1920x1080 Format: mp4 Size: 661.01 MB

09 May 2024

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