It feels so good to get this hard for you

SheMale Clips 06 July, 2016
It feels so good to get this hard for you

Starring: Kylie Maria
Categories: Shemale / Tranny
Resolution: 1280x720
Format: 25 min
Size: 830mb

Hey, baby, it's your sweet sex kitten, Kylie Maria. I know we were supposed to go out tonight, but I just got so turned on thinking about you. Can we just stay in tonight and fuck? Baby, please? Let me put on a slow, sensual strip tease for you, so you can see my huge tits pop out of my tiny dress. See how hard my nipples are getting for you? I'm gonna slip my wet panties down the back of my thighs, so you can see my ass jiggle. Look how my dick throbs and my asshole quivers, just waiting for you to fill me up with your jizz. It feels so good to get this hard for you. My cock is leaking precum. It tastes so yummy! Let me spread my butt cheeks open so you can slide your pulsating cock inside my hungry trans girl pussy. Fuck me doggy style. I can feel how bad you want to burst when I push my ass back into you. But wait! Ladies' first! Let me lie on my back and open up my legs, so I can plug my hole and jerk out a sticky surprise for you! Did you like that, big boy? I know you did. Now lick it up and get dressed. We're going out.

It feels so good to get this hard for you



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