When my training is done she

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When my training is done she

Starring: TS Kitty & Epona
Categories: Shemale / Tranny
Resolution: 720x480
Format: 29 min
Size: 510mb

Hi, I'm TS Kitty. My Mistress Epona is training me to be a cum slut. When my training is done she'll be lining up guys for me to suck and swallow. She also loves to Bang My Tranny Ass. When she does, my ultra thick tranny cock grows and grows. I love it when she hammers my tranny hole with her big dildo. But if I don't please her, she spanks my cute little tranny tush. If I'm really bad, she wallops me with her giant melons. I'm just a bad tranny girl who needs discipline, a little TLC, and a good tranny banging to be happy. If you're good, my mistress might let me show you what a good cum slut I am. Would you like to Bang My Tranny Ass?

When my training is done she



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