Maid To Please (2024)

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Maid To Please (2024)

Ember Fiera is a rich, successful single woman who lives alone in a big beautiful mansion. Feeling lonely and horny, she finds an ad for a 'maid to please' and decides to go for it. It wouldn't hurt to have someone else around! Spencer Bradley arrives the next day in an adorable french maid's outfit and timid attitude. As she sets to work, Spencer watches her from afar, and sexual tension slowly builds between them. But when Spencer accidentally breaks a figurine, Ember becomes distraught. When Spencer sincerely apologizes, Ember calms down and apologizes as well. It's just that Ember's been cooped up by herself for so long that she's all pent-up and frustrated... Of course, that's when Spencer decides to become flirty, encouraging Ember to have a little fun with HER!
One afternoon, a very tired Izzy Wilde returns home from work. Her feet aching, she climbs the stairs to her bedroom, calling out for her partner, Tommy King, and finding them laying on the bed. 'You're home early!' Tommy greets. Izzy explains that she cut work early - she was simply too exhausted and can't stand on her own feet any longer! Seeing an opportunity to be romantic, Tommy guides their weary wife to the bed and tells her to wait. 'I know the PERFECT way to help you relax!' A few minutes later, Tommy has a foot bath and massage station set up for Izzy. Tommy lovingly removes Izzy's heels and stockings, worshiping and playing with her feet before giving her a soapy bath. The sexual tension between them builds and, soon, Tommy is also worshiping Izzy's feet with their mouth, sucking Izzy's toes and rubbing her feet over their body. All of the intimacy and pampering soon leads to a sensual and loving sexual encounter that will definitely make Izzy nice and relaxed

Maid To Please (2024)

Starring: Ember Fiera, Izzy Wilde, Spencer Bradley, Tommy King
Resolution: 1280x720 Format: mp4 Size: 1871.2mb

02 Jul 2024

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