Lessons in Etiquette (2024)

05-March-2024 00:01: Watch for free «Lessons in Etiquette (2024)» - porn movie with popular models transexuals - Ravyn Alexa, Lianna Lawson
Lessons in Etiquette (2024)

Mommy aka Ravyn Alexa is bored and looking to use her pet aka Lianna Lawson! Lianna, dressed in a sweater and plaid skirt proudly announces that she dressed herself and hopes Ravyn likes it. Ravyn appreciates the effort but the outfit is ultimately too modest for her taste. Luckily Mommy is here to help Lianna learn. She gently undresses Lianna and redresses her in something more to her taste- a leather harness and skirt set. Then its time to use her pets holes. Ravyn starts by using Liannas mouth and admiring the effort and zeal with which Lianna sucks cock. Mommy then bends Lianna over and starts to stretch out her hole, first with two fingers and adding more as Lianna begs for them. Once shes ready, Ravyn stretches Lianna open with her cock and begins to fuck her asshole. Ravyn is very pleased with her pet and continues to fuck her eager hole. She fucks her ass to her hearts content and Lianna clearly loves taking it. Once Ravyn is finished using her pet she sends her off to clean up and get ready to be useful in other ways. Lianna Lawson is back as Ravyns submissive but this time its Ravyns turn to get fucked. However, Ravyn has no intention of letting Lianna use her own dick. She starts by using shiny, black tape to tape Liannas dick out of the way and then dresses her in a mint green latex leotard and adds Ravyns own strap on harness and dildo! Once Lianna is ready to please her Mistress, Ravyn instructs her to slowly start fucking her. Eager to please, Lianna wastes no time. Soon Ravyn is full of her own cock and begging for more. Lianna is turning Ravyn into a dumb slut too! Ravyn takes all of the cock like a true slut and eventually brings herself to multiple orgasms including squirting! I think these two sluts might need to find themselves a daddy now.

Lessons in Etiquette (2024)

Starring: Ravyn Alexa, Lianna Lawson
Resolution: 1280x720 Format: mp4 Size: 1771.2mb

05 Mar 2024

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