Dreams of a Past Life

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Dreams of a Past Life

Emiri Momota has had the same vivid dream every night for over a month. In her dream, she is an Egyptian queen and before her husband goes to war they have very passionate, intense sex. Emiri decides to visit a psychic to understand what her dream means.
The psychic, Ivi Rein explains to her that this is a memory from one of her past lives, and suggests that they do a seance to connect with her long-lost husband. Emiri agrees and they get started. What was about to come exceeded everything she was hoping for… Through Ivi, her husband talks to her – and much more!
The psychic grows a futa cock and they make her dream come to life! Ivi sucks on Emiri’s boobs and fingers her pussy with so much passion she never felt before. Then Emiri gets on her knees and gives an extremely sloppy blowjob. Both of them are moaning from the pleasure as Emiri is riding her lover’s futa cock until they reach orgasm together.

Starring: Emiri Momota, Ivi Rein
Duration: 17:17 Resolution: 1920x1080 Format: mp4 Size: 671.01 MB

09 Nov 2023

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