How To Get Ahead (2023)

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How To Get Ahead (2023)

Rachel (Korra Del Rio), a glamorous and affluent woman, dangles a boutique bag on her arm as she approaches her husband, Mr Daniels’ (Dale Savage) office. A few moments later, a low-level account manager, Connor (Pierce Paris), walks in from his lunch break. Noticing Rachel sitting there, he studies her legs, fingers, cleavage, and lips, fixating on her. His expression darkens as he works up a scheme in his head… Rachel's going to give Connor what he wants… and her husband's going to watch every second of it... Alyssa (Jenna Gargles) receives a phone call from her estranged stepfather, Darryl (JJ Graves). This makes Alyssa suspicious, because they haven't spoken since her other parent's death. Darryl tells her that he'll be involved in her life if she gives him what he wants... Alyssa is shocked but desperate for family, so she agrees... But is this really the kind of familial connection that SHE wants?

How To Get Ahead (2023)

Starring: Jenna Gargles, JJ Graves, Korra del Rio, Pierce
Resolution: 1280x720 Format: mp4 Size: 1971.2mb

28 Sep 2023

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