Black Sheep (2023)

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Black Sheep (2023)

Natasha (Izzy Wilde) is lounging on a couch, talking to her friend on the phone. It's revealed that she's housesitting for her friend's family for a week while they're out of town. Even though she knows her friend and her parents are out, Natasha shyly asks about her friend's bad boy sibling, Ashton (Michael DelRay). When she finds out he's away with his college classmates, she's a bit disappointed, perhaps having wished for a chance meeting while they're all alone… little does she know, her wishes might come true… Aubrey Kate is sitting in her car, obviously very upset. She wipes away tears, collects herself, and exits the car. She hurries into a grief support group meeting, where Pierce Paris is pouring his heart out, devastated by the loss of his wife. When the meeting winds down, Pierce sees Aubrey on the sidelines and goes over to introduce himself to her. They strike up a friendship, bonding over their shared heartache. As they both navigate through their emotions, they grow even closer, forming a deeper and more intimate connection, until one night, they finally decide to take things to the next level…

Black Sheep (2023)

Starring: Aubrey Kate, Izzy Wilde, Pierce Paris, Michael DelRay
Resolution: 1280x720 Format: mp4 Size: 2071.2mb

11 Aug 2023

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