Miluky is beginning her career here

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Miluky is beginning her career here

The devouring of shemales Yago comes back ready to enjoy of one more mettlesome shemale in this site dedicated to see the t-girls in her more feminine aspect. Miluky is beginning her career here and I believe that will please a lot. She still didn't know the partner and was pretty impressed with his manliness. For she wasnt hard to ejaculate because she adores to feel a horny male fucking her ass with a lot of intensity to feel in ecstasy

Starring: Miyuky Velask
Categories: Shemale / Tranny
Length: 21 min
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Size: 1770mb

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She used all her sensuality here to gauge
This scene almost went a gift to Yago because enjoy the delights of a submissive Nicolly is a lot of people's gold dream. Nicolly continues stunning and she knows how to stand out in any scene type, always with her as the unshaken star. She used all her sensuality here to gauge the sparkling desire of the horny guy making him to have an almost animalistic attraction for her many atributtes that spiced a lot this hardcore.
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Its the kind of couple that we really apreciate: a competent veteran with a newbie whose abilities are still a mystery. The presence of somebody with larger know how helps the beginner to give her best side motivating her to be so sharpen in action as her partner. Shemales of sucess today that do absolutely fantastic stuffs began in this exactly way as Lavinny Albuquereque and Evelyn Rangel. Paty commanded with mastery this show and certainly will be very appreciated
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For the past 30 minutes a pair of booty shorts kept staring at me from not such a far distance. Well, I think it's safe to say that I was the one staring since the ass wearing them had the most insane moves I ever saw in my life. The beautiful ladyboy who knew how to make a show kept throwing me ugly looks, but I couldn't stop looking, they were perfectly shaped on her ass and they looked more like a drawing rather than a pair of shorts. Insanely tight and offering a view to keep me mesmerized for hours, that ass was something I wanted in my hands since I first laid eyes on them. Too bad they are pretty far and for now I can only enjoy a distant view. Who knows, maybe my luck will change this evening, it's still early.
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Here we are, in my room after half hour of waiting for her ass to come from the other side of the city. It's not like a pizza delivery, it's more like "wait for my ass and I'll get there when I'm there" kind of thing, but hey, that's the deal in Thailand! Either I put my patience to test and wait for my lovely cocky ladyboy to arrive and give her a time to remember, either I make a solo in the shower and ... go outside to admire the scenery. Which one would you choose in my shoes? Yeah, exactly, fuck scenery...
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There's something you need to know about a ladyboy. If you're a rookie and want some action, don't you fucking NEVER ask a girl on the street is she's a ladyboy. I learned that the hard way in one of my incursions on the famous Walking Street in Pattaya. That night was one of the worst and the best nights of my life, because not everything that starts bad must finish bad. Still... you can avoid the pain if you do it right...
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I went up to one pair and danced as I usually do, with a big joyful smile. Make them think I'm just enjoying the dancing and having fun. No naughty thoughts. Never. It always seems to get me a dance with girls and I writhed along happily for a few minutes but they didn't allow me to get too close so I moved on. Passing by other couples I moved up to another group of girls, 4 of them, but only one was stunning, massive tits and a thin, tanned body. Showing off her belly and with long, dark, wavy hair I was mesmerized
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My attractive wife and I have sex often as we watch porno movies. Often we role play and we fantasize about my wife fucking other guys. Since my visit to Thailand I often dreamed of a beautiful Thai Ladyboy chick joining us for a fuck too.
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