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Serving My She-Male Mistress (2004)
Serving My She-Male Mistress (2004)Serving My She-Male Mistress (2004)

Serving My She-Male Mistress (2004)

Starring: Morelle Dekeigh, Carnal Candy, Kim Christy
Categories: Shemale / Tranny
Date Added: 2004

Transformed and "Maid" to Serve his Mistresses! Carnal Candy and Morelle DeKeigh head up this stellar cast of Kim Christy-trained bitches with dicks to make sure the help passes the muster. Making this she-male dress up in pretty little frillly things and suck cock is just the beginning of his training in she-male servitude. Eating she-cum and getting ass-poked with a she-male dildo makes this guy shiver with humiliation. Plus, the house is sparkling clean!

Serving My She-Male Mistress (2004)


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3 January 2017