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Twinks Love Twannies (2009)
Twinks Love Twannies (2009)Twinks Love Twannies (2009)

Twinks Love Twannies (2009)

Starring: Hilda Brasil, Michelle Ferrari, Renata Araujo, Gislene Rodrigues, Natasha Rusthy
Categories: Shemale / Tranny
Date Added: 2009

Twinks love other twinks. Well, they mostly just love cock! So imagine our surprise to find that they will fuck trannies too! I mean, they have tits, so it was kind of a shock!
The trannies have their day when they pound some tight twink pucker! They love to fuck and they love to suck and fuck cock! Twinks & trannies = a match made in heaven!

Twinks Love Twannies (2009)


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24 December 2016