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Orgasmi Transexual (2001)
Starring: Letitia, Selena, Fabio, Sefora, Paulo
Categories: Shemale / Tranny
Date Added: 2001
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Immerse yourself in the unusual world of spoiled trannies! Take a sweet tour into the center of ambiguous raunchy whim, the town shemeyl - Sao Paulo. Strong buns and firm zeppelins of those extreme chicks, can be discovered on nearly each corner, each street of this unusual town. These diabolical hotty well-prepared for everything! They can be feminine passive and active male in this magic anal barter! Their "magic wand" that they hide betwixt your legs, let universalkami be complete in this case. Orgasms - the almost all fantastic thing in the world! Orgasms tgirl is greater amount surprising, and it's worth a look, coz for u it is of course an unusual sight.

Orgasmi Transexual (2001)

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27 October 2012