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Krissi Sucks TS Candy
Krissi Sucks TS Candy

Starring: Krissi Sucks TS Candy
Categories: Transsexual
Length: 19 minutes
Resolution: 720x480
Format: wmv
Size: 230mb

Krissi complains to her TS backer Sweets that her last customer had a good-looking cock, but he wouldnt let her suck it. All he wanted to do was suck her. Now shes craving a cock in her gate. What about Candy? But Ive never been with another TS before! she says. Well, theres a first space for everything. Krissi gets down to question, sucking Candys tranny cock while she plays with her own. Soon, shes so worked up that she shoots a elephantine responsibility all over Candys mush. She must have worked up quite an desire too because she licks her own goop off of Candys mush.

Krissi Sucks TS Candy

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16 February 2012